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Recruiter Training

Recruiting is an art, that is a balance of human connection, relationship centric, along with metrics and selling. It is not an easy “feat” to be a successful Recruiter. Level up your recruiter skills, knowledge, sourcing capabilities…join the next session or ask how on-site recruiter training at your company.

Interview Training For Managers

Looking to bring in best practice interview training to your management team. What type of interview guides to follow, or educate the team on legal questions, and promote the benefits of not only interviewing for skills but also how to behavioral interview.

Sourcing Solutions

Does your organization have a critical position that needs to be filled and your team is stretched? Talent sourcing for passive candidates is key and can be a cost-effective way to generate candidate flow in addition to other recruitment efforts.

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Fractional TA Consultant

A lot of talent acquisition support is needed when an organization is growing, or in need of additional resources when hiring efforts increase, or when there is a need for a clear hiring strategy moving forward. Whatever the need is, as a fractional TA consultant I can work a set amount of hours per month, on-site or remote, to partner with you to deliver the right talent solutions.

Talent Marketing

Culture is important to many job seekers! How does your organization showcase your culture and educate job seekers on what a great place your company is to work for in your job postings, social media, and website? Ask me more about how I can help tell your story.

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